Restorative (Fillings)

When a tooth has a cavity, or decay, it can be removed and then restored with a "filling".  This is assuming that the decay has not reached the nerve, and there is no existing infection (see "Root Canal Treatment").  Two types of fillings that can be done are tooth-colored fillings or silver-colored fillings.  Though most of the time tooth-colored fillings are placed due to their "bonding" abilities and esthetic values, there are certain cases where amalgam fillings (silver-colored) are more beneficial (Click here for more information).

Whenever possible, we love to be able to restore your teeth to look as natural as possible, which is why tooth-colored fillings are a great option.  They are able to mechanically bond to teeth, and can be shaped to appear like a normal tooth.  In addition, we make sure to also create proper contours to the filling so that you not only have a more natural looking tooth with grooves and curves, but also have proper biting forces as well. 

This patient had cavities in between the teeth, which required the old fillings to be replaced and extended in between the contacts of the teeth. The patient opted to restore the teeth with white, tooth-colored fillings.