Pediatric Dentistry

We love being able to care for the entire family; with 30 years of service, Dr. Harry has been privileged to witness several generations of new families come by.  

It is extremely important that children begin excellent oral hygiene habits from a young age, since the same habits will most likely carry on into adulthood.  The American Dental Association recommends that a child be seen by a dentist when their first tooth erupts (typically around 6 months old), but no later than 1 years old.  During this initial visit, we will properly demonstrate how to care for your child's teeth and look out for any bad habits, such as thumb-sucking.  We strive to teach proper "prevention" habits like good brushing/flossing techniques and appropriate diets that will encourage healthy gums and teeth.  Scheduling regular check-ups every 6 months will better ensure that your child will have a great, healthy smile.  

We also provide complete dental services to treat and restore teeth affected by cavities, which follow a comprehensive exam.  Another great preventative measure is placing sealants on permanent molars that usually come out around age 6.  When necessary, we also use paper-thin x-ray components that fit more comfortably in a child's mouth, to thoroughly examine your child's teeth to detect the progress of any cavities or other dental problems.